Oakton India Helps School Destroyed by Fire

The Alpha School was housed in a small tent not too far from the Oakton office in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, India and is attended by 135 students between the ages 3 and 10. The students are children of day labourers that work on construction sites in and around the Jubilee Hills area. The parents pay 20 rupees a month for their child to attend and receive the basic education offered at this school.

Sadly the Alpha School recently suffered a terrible fire and while thankfully no one was injured, the entire structure burned to the ground and all the teaching resources and equipment along with it.

Oakton has been instrumental in getting the school up and running again, ensuring the underprivileged children continue to receive their education. While a private donor helped to rebuild the school, Oakton has recently purchased all of the students’ school bags, shoes, tiffin boxes and uniforms that were destroyed in the fire. At the same time, Oakton will also be implementing a secure and safe water system, so that all the students have clean water to drink from while attending the Alpha School.

While the children are now on summer holiday (there is no electricity in the structure and it is unbearably hot inside, especially in the 40+ degree summer) a reopening ceremony will take place in June.

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