Service Integration

Oakton’s Service Integration capability cuts across our full range of Industries, Domains and Technologies with services ranging from consulting through to implementation and managed services.

platform as a service Platform as a Service

Oakton’s Platform Managed Services can be extended to provide you with a fully hosted and managed service. With a range of solutions covering base technology platforms such as SharePoint and SQL Service, through to richer Business Intelligence and Analytics platforms, Oakton can enable the rapid deployment of new solutions without the need for new capital expenditure and/or skills development.

platform as a service
SaaS solutions

SaaS solutions SaaS Solutions

Oakton’s traditional Application Managed Services capabilities can be extended to provide you a complete Software-as-a-Service model. Oakton will provide and manage the complete end-to-end technology stack covering infrastructure, technology platforms and the application; providing you with an integrated service with agreed service levels for a standard monthly charge.

Services Orchestration Service Orchestration

Our experience in the market shows that real agility and sustainable cost savings can be achieved through the adoption of Cloud based technology services and the disciplines of Services Integration. As part of Oakton’s Services Transformation services we will take on the management of some or all of your current applications portfolio; develop a transition strategy; transform the portfolio to utilize consumption based computing platforms (as appropriate) and provide it back to you as an integrated service.

Services Orchestration
Services Transformation

Services Transformation Service Transformation

Oakton specialises in case management strategy which can include the user interface, data management, and basic case management functionality including reporting.

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