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Effortless social collaboration that integrates and enriches your people and process

Our Workplace is Evolving

In the past twenty years, there has been a major shift in the way we work. With the rise of knowledge based economy, advances in technology and concern over carbon footprints, the traditional workplace model has grown obsolete.

The new way of working is raising new concerns around team members feeling isolated and corporate knowledge stuck inside the personal inboxes. When these key team members leave, the entire organization suffers an acute case of “organizational amnesia”. These concerns must be taken seriously otherwise organisations can lose their competitive advantage or suffer significant reduction in quality of customer service.

Oakton is supporting the new Digital Workplace

Setting this tool apart from its competitors is the core philosophy that social way of working should be embedded into the information flow within an organisation.

Core to Oakton's approach is that collaboration pivots from being another online place that employees talk about their work, to creating new ways for employees to do their work by 'baking' collaboration into existing business concepts.

Oakton has a deep understanding of collaboration solutions across a number of industries. We bring this accumulated experience to every engagement to help organisations realize the benefits of greater collaboration.

Oakton has an impressive track record in delivering content management solutions to clients. This includes managing Internet, Intranet and Extranet content. Our consultants are able to provide assistance to client in all aspect of the solution development and content management lifecycles. 

Our document and knowledge management services help organisations improve compliance and increase efficiencies in document-centric processes. We also work with clients to leverage knowledge from tacit and explicit knowledge sources.

Oakton has a tried and tested suite of agile methodologies for designing and developing Intranets.  These are technology-agnostic and focus on blending a great user experience with delivering measurable business benefits.