Customer Insights

Customer Insights helps organisations share information, develop superior decision support systems, combat internal inefficiencies, and learn more about key stakeholders such as customers, employees and business partners.

Big Data Solutions

There is an ever increasing array of data that is available to help us better understand how our customers behave, from web logs, mobile data, to sensor data, sales history, loyalty data, call centre interaction, social media data etc. Many of the sources of this data are changing rapidly, and in order to get value from it, we need solutions that are able to scale rapidly, handle a broad variety of sources in a flexible manner, and do that in a cost effective manner. Big data technology has emerged to help address these challenges, and Oakton is able to help design, implement and manage big data solutions that can help you gain insight, and more effectively service your customers.

Customer Analytics

Get to know your customers. Understand their buying behaviors, demographics, segmentation, risk, likelihood to churn etc. Oakton is able to bring together customer data from a range of sources from both within your organisation and outside your organisation, and provide the analytical insight and capability to help you better understand and service your customers.

Customer Data Matching and Master Data Management

Many organisations use a number of core systems to run their business, and this is often amplified through acquisition and mergers. The end result is that customer data is often managed in more than one system. While many organisations recognize the need to manage their customer data better, being able to then execute on this is often a significant challenge. The Oakton Customer Matching Service can be used to match multiple customer data sets against each other to find the overlap between these data sets.

Digital Analytics

How are customers, prospects, partners and other stakeholders interacting with your digital channels? Digital analytics is focussed on enhancing the engagement and effectiveness of the digital channel through better understanding of how people are using it, what is creating stickiness and what is not. Oakton provides the ability to connect digital information with other customer data to provide richer insights into customer experience and behaviors.

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