Business Assurance

Business Assurance
Oakton provide comprehensive business assurance services designed to deliver practical solutions to your organisation.

Oakton's internal audit, risk management, IT audit and governance specialists provide independent assurance advice that your internal control and risk management framework is operating effectively. Our financial management experts will complement your finance teams and collaborate with you to identify how your organisation can achieve its objectives in the most effective and efficient way. 

Our highly skilled and experienced accounting and assurance consultants are dedicated to providing timely, innovative advice and practical recommendations.

Oakton have extensive capabilities to deliver internal audits on a ‘co sourced’ or ‘fully outsourced’ basis. 

We have access to a broad range of business consultants, technology specialists and subject matter experts to ensure our Internal Audit programs add value to any organisation.

Oakton’s experienced and professional consultants can assist organisations to identify, assess and manage a broad range of organisational opportunities and risks and provide comfort to the governing body and Management that those risks and controls are operating effectively.

Oakton’s preventative approach to fraud management involves analysis of your existing fraud management framework (in accordance with AS8001 – Fraud and Corruption Control); fraud and misconduct risk assessments; proactive fraud control planning; fraud awareness training for your employees.  If fraud or misconduct does affect your organisation, we also conduct fraud detection activities and inquiries.

We have a range of Probity Practitioners who can provide both advisory and auditing services.  We help our clients to proactively mitigate risks throughout the procurement process and provide assurance that those processes are compliant with your policies and guidelines.

Oakton conducts IT Assurance reviews in areas such as IT Strategy, IT Security and General Controls, IT application controls, CoBIT, ITIL and Information Security Standards.

Oakton has experience with all aspects of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning.  We are able to review and test existing plans in both desktop and recovery environments. 

In addition Oakton can assist with the development of BCP and IT DRP from initial business impact assessment to recovery plan development and implementation in accordance with defined standards. Through our Consulting, Delivery and Managed Services capabilities we are able to partner in the provision of IT DRPs.

Oakton can provide a full range of financial management consulting services including:

  • Business Valuations and due diligence reviews;
  • Business Case development;
  • Activity Based Costing reviews;
  • Financial and Management reporting including budgeting and forecasting;
  • Business Performance reviews.

The Quality Assurance processes are designed to ensure that:

  • Oakton and client stakeholder expectations are met
  • Projects are delivered in a controlled manner with client stakeholders informed and engaged
  • Project deliverables are accepted by clients in a predictable manner
  • The Project deliverables meet agreed quality standards
  • The acceptance criteria and quality expectations are defined and agreed
  • The project is carried out in accordance with the agreed project schedule
  • All policies, standards, and procedures are incorporated into the tasks comprising of the work breakdown structure for the project
Project work products are protected from unauthorised change and baselines are fully compliant with project requirements. 

Oakton have substantial experience at using costing as a resource base for improving business performance.

We deliver costing processes that provide the foundation for organisations to support business decision making. Oakton’s methodology allows organisations to model costs across their organisation from business units to costs centres, projects and individual cost accounts. We identify the cost drivers and the consumers of those costs both internally and externally to the organisation to deliver a mechanism for building cost allocation and cost recovery capability.  Our methodology incorporates cost modelling into the budget process for planning and forecasting purposes.

Oakton deliver the objectives of budgeting and reporting for our clients through provision of the mechanisms that enable management to direct resources to fulfil the strategic directions of the organisation, and monitor performance and cashflow in order to guide future strategic planning. Our methodology incorporates the planning, budgeting and forecasting requirements of our clients in order to deliver budgeting and reporting at the right time and at the right level.

Oakton are able to deliver services at both a macro and micro level. We have processes to deliver budgeting and reporting processes and methodologies at enterprise, business unit, cost centre and project level. Our experience across many industries ensures that we capture and incorporate the required approval steps including limits of authority, management of variations, application of various statistical key figures, and the reporting requirements to meet both compliance and corporate needs.

Oakton conduct audits and health checks of business information systems and related controls to identify ways to improve the integrity, accuracy and relevancy of business data.

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