Business Analytics

Business Analytics
Business Analytics helps organisations share information, develop superior decision support systems, combat internal inefficiencies, and learn more about key stakeholders such as customers, employees and business partners.

Oakton’s Business Analytics Practice is one of the largest and most experienced of its kind in Australia with consultants specialising in end-to-end services and solutions including Information Management Strategy, Analytics and Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, and Data Management. 

Our services can help you develop superior analytical capability, better understand your customers and other stakeholders, combat operational inefficiencies, meet compliance challenges and build a robust information supply chain.

Big data is not restricted to customer interactions and social media. With greater and greater instrumentation of vehicles, networks, buildings, and the continuing growth of the internet of things, there is more data available than ever before to help optimise high cost areas of your business, including supply chain, asset maintenance, workforce optimisation etc. Oakton is able to help design, implement and manage big data solutions that can help drive real operational efficiencies and improve levels of service. 
Every business is under pressure to optimise their performance, whether that be in the form of financial returns or quality of service. These solutions provide effective measurement of an organisations performance against targets, and assist in identifying opportunities for performance optimisation whether that be in the fields of sales, financial management, workforce optimisation, procurement etc.  Through the integration and consolidation of information from different sources and advanced data visualisation, Oakton is able to provide insight into how your business is operating, and where there are opportunities for enhancing the business performance.

The challenge that’s faced by many large organisations today is how to transform data into useful information that can be used to satisfy the information needs at all management levels across the enterprise. With the advent of new data sources from both inside and outside the organisation, this challenge has become even more complex. With over 20 years’ experience in delivering enterprise wide solutions through to line of business reporting solutions, Oakton is able to help define and implement the right type of solution for your organisation. 

Oakton works with organisations to define a clear information management strategy that spans both the business and technology domains, allows targeted investment in information management solutions that are aligned with business needs and goals, provides a solid architectural basis for technology choices, and outlines the business process and organisational change required to derive the targeted benefits. 

Business Intelligence has evolved from simple reporting and slice and dice, to self-service data discovery and advanced visualisation. Oakton uses market leading technologies, our deep BI expertise and user experience skills to help our clients implement BI solutions that are focussed on the end user, and providing the ability to access information in simple ways that are relevant to the user’s role and how they are accessing that information whether it be through the desktop, mobile or embedded in a digital solution or enterprise application. 

Effective data management allows an organisation to be confident in decision making, efficient in operations, effective in management conversations and able to respond flexibly to changes in the business in a timely manner. Oakton uses over 20 years of industry experience working with Data Governance, Data Quality Assessment, Master Data Management Solutions, Customer Data Integration and Data Migration Projects to offer strategic advice on Data Management and the delivery of data management solutions. 

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