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Who are we?

Oakton Contracting and Recruitment (OCR) is the Contracting & Recruitment arm of Oakton, an Australian consulting and technology firm founded in 1988.

We are committed to building mutually beneficial, long term relationships with the professional men and women who are our candidates.

Since our earliest days we have been guided by a commitment to honesty, integrity and respect for people and we tenaciously safeguard that commitment to you.

Our business is helping great candidates find the roles they are looking for by providing experienced, professional advice and building long term relationships with our candidate group.

We aim to build an understanding of our candidate's skills, values and work preferences.

We build relationships with clients and create tangible value by providing highly qualified, quality candidates to solve our client's flexible resourcing needs.

We aim to understand their business and build partnerships.

We work collaboratively with some of Australia's most prominent government and corporate entities to provide exceptional recruitment services.

In today's rapidly changing world this gives our clients a distinct advantage.

Our vision

To be consistently recognised as the best Contracting & Recruitment business in Australia. 

We Care For our Candidates

  • By providing a stable and professional recruitment business;
  • By taking the time to understand their skills, needs and work preferences;
  • By ensuring our candidates receive informed recruitment advice;
  • By providing them with excellent work opportunities;
  • By genuinely appreciating the business they bring us.

And for our clients

  • By taking the time to understand their business;
  • By going the extra mile to ensure they get the best possible solution to their staffing problem;
  • By providing value for money solutions to their human resource requirements;

We get it right

  • By thinking creatively about our client’s human resource requirements;
  • By understanding their business environment;
  • By providing value for money solutions;
  • By pre-qualifying our candidates for skills & cultural fit;
  • By ensuring our candidates receive informed recruitment advice;
  • By matching our candidate’s skills, needs and work preferences to a role;

We make a difference

  • By Providing a professional service to our clients and contractors;
  • By looking after the details that matter;
  • By paying contractors correctly and on time;
  • By taking the time to ensure our clients are happy with the quality of our candidates and that our contractors are happy in the role;
  • By going the extra step.....

We are

  • Straightforward
  • Imaginative
  • Friendly
  • Confident

What We Do Is Really Important

We are proud of our business. We find people jobs. We change people’s lives. We solve clients staffing issues. We help people further their career ambitions.

These are all things to feel good about.

Resume Tips

Click here to view the guide on ‘Writing an Effective Resume’. 

Responding to Selection Criteria

Click here to view the guide on ‘Addressing the Selection Criteria’.

Workplace Health and Safety

Click here to view Oakton’s ‘Workplace Health and Safety Policy’.

Proven Ability

Oakton Contracting & Recruitment is a proven supplier of recruitment services to the Private Sector and Government, particularly in the areas of Information Technology, Human Resources, Accounting and Finance, Government Liaison & Corporate Service. Our client base includes the majority of private clients and Commonwealth Agencies as well as ACT local Government.

Recruitment Staff

Our Account Managers have on average over 10 years’ experience in the recruitment industry, with most coming from either an ICT or a financial background. Our senior leadership team have extensive experience in recruiting for permanent non-ongoing public servants and contract staff across a variety of roles and levels.

Contact Us  

2/45 Wentworth Ave Kingston ACT 2604

Phone: +61 2 6163 1955

Fax: +61 2 6230 1919

Email: tenders.act@oakton.com.au


Our People


Bianca Bale

Hannah Firmstone

Dana Spasenoska

Jenna Zervos