Virgin Mobile

Provision of a robust, user friendly self-service platform

Virgin Mobile’s online self-service platform required an overhaul to be more user friendly and improve customer experience. The existing aging technology platform was not able to cope with future requirements and needed to be updated.

The Thinking 

Virgin Mobile needed a digital platform that could offer a personalised customer experience. Furthermore, the Marketing department craved agility, flexibility and simplicity. They did not want to engage the internal IT department process for every update request. 

Oakton applied the benefits of our SCRUM framework to move the project rapidly into build and user testing.

The Solution

Virgin Mobile leveraged Oakton’s experienced technical and project management capability to rapidly transform and progress the project into reality. Oakton built a platform of 45 strategic SOA services using Microsoft WCF technology, leveraging EPiServer CMS to realise the business benefit.

“Virgin Mobile and Oakton have had a really positive, open and honest relationship for years. What’s impressive about Oakton is how they responded to a challenging project by quickly applying an iterative project management process to increase business involvement and collaboration.  The weekly releases really boosted confidence between IT and the business.”

Graham Milne, CIO - Virgin Mobile

Seven months into the project, the requirements were validated, built, documented and business tested. Oakton also used their experienced consultants to cross-train and up-skill internal developers. 

Virgin Screen Shot

Customer Benefit

Virgin Mobile now benefits from the following:

  • Marketing at Virgin Mobile now has the ability to make changes to content considerably quicker than before
  • There are now over 20 self-service functions available to Virgin Mobile customers
  • Multi-device support means customers can access the self-service site wherever they are and from whichever device they are using
  • Social media integration means customers have easy access to support, advice and news
  • Great user experience means intuitive access to complex billing information – saving Virgin Mobile time and money
  • Over 45 strategic SOA services enable future growth and quicker time-to-market for Virgin Mobile

Oakton and Virgin Mobile have built an open, honest and collaborative relationship that has resulted in a long-term partnership.

Oakton is currently working with Virgin Mobile to expand the platform so that the business can run marketing campaigns with personalised promotions and tailored content to individual customers.

Oakton have also supported Virgin Mobile across a number of additional strategic initiatives including the organisation’s marketing re-brand.