Bank of Queensland

Improving business operations and employee collaboration through the delivery of a universal and unifying intranet platform

The Thinking

As part of its transformation journey, The Bank of Queensland (BOQ) carried out a corporate re-branding exercise along with a number of other major initiatives that incorporated significant change to the business. As the employee communication platform of choice, the BOQ intranet lacked real estate for corporate communications to support the organisation’s change program. Oakton was engaged to assist with an intranet ‘refresh’, ensuring the following requirements were met:

• Improve the structure and organisation of content to make it easier for people to find and make sense of information
• Improve governance to give people confidence in the quality and integrity of information
• Improve employee engagement by making the Intranet a genuine channel for communication

The Solution

To start BOQ on this journey, Oakton’s first task was to refresh the home page and secondary landing pages as well as develop an intranet roadmap with costings for Phase 1, giving BOQ a clear direction for future work.  

Oakton engaged a number of BOQ stakeholders through workshops and requirement gathering sessions to understand user requirements. Using this information in conjunction with usage statistics, Oakton was able to design landing pages to meet the needs of individual business units as well as develop a roadmap focused on increasing BOQ’s capability to communicate, collaborate and complete tasks online.

Customer Benefit

Oakton successfully delivered new enhancements to BOQ’s intranet, with corporate users commenting positively on the improved navigation, search functionality, site structure and look and feel.

Business units were also engaged as part of the refresh and all of them took the opportunity to completely refresh and improve the content on their sites. BOQ and Oakton have also delivered a Branch landing page for branch users across the organisation.

As well as an intranet refresh, Oakton has also assisted BOQ with driving efficiencies across their commercial lending process by delivering a simple tool to navigate, giving users context of the overall lending process while presenting an easy means to locate all policies, procedures and forms.

The solution leverages standard SharePoint lists and libraries meaning anyone with SharePoint content management knowledge is able to update the processes, steps and documents without technical knowledge.